NWComm unites the best professionals in the sphere of B2B marketing, lead generation, digital and event management
Our team
Understand the importance of the first impression which made by a call, letter or a digital ad
Create lead generation call scripts and texts with a maximum conversion
Do great phone communications
Use the marketing tactics proved by 400+ projects
Have a deep expertise in B2B marketing, lead generation, digital, e-mail marketing and event management
Our specialists
NWComm agency leadership
Daria Kuznetsova
CEO, project office manager
Ksenia Andreeva
Commercial Director, company founder
Ksenia Grabalina
Head of communications
Anastasia Babenko
Head of communications
Nadezhda Poroshina
Head of event&digital
Ksenia Kocheshkova
Head of communications
Don't put off until tomorrow what will bring success to your business today! This is our principle of work, and it works
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