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NWComm agency provides marketing and lead generation services for IT B2B companies. We provide high-level business communications which drive sales and grow brand awareness
NWComm provides a range of lead generation and appointment making services to make your company's first contact with its target audience: to generate leads, carry out market research or update databases.
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On June 16, CIBIT employees attended the Security Summit 2022 conference. The company took part in the event with an exhibition stand. First of all, we would like to note the effectiveness of the conference – the Security Summit has become a platform for us to exchange experience and build successful communications with potential partners and customers. In addition, the participants of the event from CIBIT emphasized the high level of organization of the event by NWComm agency, whose specialists provided comprehensive support and helped in the prompt resolution of any issues that arise. Noting the importance of events of this format in the field of information security, we consider the Security Summit conference to be a practically useful and effective event. We wish you success and hope for further fruitful cooperation!
Mikhail Pogrebnyak
CEO, ShelfMatch
We wanted to develop lead generation as a process within our business. We have a narrow target audience at ShelfMatch – TNP manufacturers and retailers – and, as often in B2B, a long cycle of decision-making and nurturing leads. Therefore, it was important to accumulate knowledge about each potential client inside, including through the work of the sales department and lead generation in a single CRM. It is also potentially interesting to expand the expertise of our own telemarketers over time and improve their skills in terms of marketing and sales. B2B lead generation is a separate block of marketing work. And this block should be configured as a business process - laid out in steps and configured in a CRM system. We turned to NWComm specialists to help us implement these processes, because we wanted to launch them as quickly and efficiently as possible, without unnecessary rocking and testing obviously suboptimal ways. As part of the project, we received all the expertise of the lead generation agency on how they form target audience databases and which sources they use, how they work with an account, how they search for LPR contacts, what settings they recommend in CRM, which KPIs they use, etc. And also – how they look for and find employees in the lead generation department, what kind of motivation scheme they use, how they control quality, give feedback. All this was handed over to us as a full-fledged methodology, which we adapted for our business processes, and we continue to refine and supplement it. Separately, I would like to note that the NWComm team not only gave the entire theoretical basis for B2B lead generation, but also systematically adhered to it at every stage of interaction and "in battle" - when transmitting feedback on the work of our internal team. As a result of the first one and a half months of the work of the lead generation department, we conducted more than 30 presentations for new potential customers and partners. The leads came based on the results of work on the NWComm methodology - as a result of telemarketing, direct mail, as well as targeted advertising set up by the agency. Now we have two specialists in lead generation and we are considering the possibility of expanding the staff. We hope that next month the opportunities created will be transferred to signed contracts and pilot projects, and we will work on new leads. We thank NWComm for high-quality consulting services in the field of lead generation and plan to continue cooperation with the agency, while maintaining and expanding our own staff of telemarketers.
In September 2022, 1C-Bitrix took part in the online conference Business&IT: Retail&CPG, together with the partner - IT integrator "Beehive". We can say with confidence that the event was a success for both its participants and organizers. I would especially like to note the good coordination within the event: all deadlines and obligations were met. Communication with NWComm specialists was prompt. We are grateful to NWComm agency for the opportunity to participate in an industry conference for retail and consumer goods manufacturers. We were glad to be a part of an important business event.
Alexander Zhilyaev
Market Intelligence Expert, SAP CIS
In January 2022, we continued our cooperation with NWComm as part of the invitation campaign of representatives of the largest Russian construction companies to our profile online event. The agency demonstrated a high level of services, thanks to which it was possible to gather the desired target audience. It is very important for us to have a clear organization of each stage of the project work on the part of the partner, transparent communication and reporting, and, of course, a high conversion from registrations to visitors. In our opinion, the NWComm team managed to implement an effective invitation campaign. The use of telemarketing allowed us to significantly expand the number of delegates from the desired target audience, and we focused on live communication with interested and professional public in the framework of the webinar. We hope for further cooperation!
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